Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Follower

I admit I now feel the pressure. If ever I will not conceive this year, I am counted now to the "sterile team" :(. Whoa, it can't be. I believe that someday God will give us a child to take care of and I have faith on that. But now, I pray to have more patience with what they labeled on us. Actually we are three of us facing the same joke and I am their new addition. (LOL)

The joke that I recently heard from our office mate was that a banana plant is much more fortunate than us because even if it bears bad quality of fruit it still has a follower. A follower is a baby plant that usually sprouts whenever the mother plant starts to bear a fruit. Whatta joke! I can't help, but laugh to the extent that they wanted my reason of my own laughter.

1 comment:

  1. a friend of mine who have tried conceiving every night, wasnt even successful. good thing she have this positive outlook in life. maybe she's receiving a lot of love after all. kudos for her. :)