Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bulad (Tuyo) Topping

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Part of saving up is bring packed lunch with me.  Today, I prepare my own version of bulad topping.  This is one of my favorite "baon" ideas and I want to share it with you.

Whenever we have remaining cooked rice in the evening, I usually turn it to fried rice in the morning.  I just sauté garlic in a hot pan using butter instead of oil.  I put the sliced fried egg, sliced spam, sweet corn and salt.  Mix it together then it is ready to put the rice and spring onions.  Mix it until the whole ingredients are incorporated properly then it is ready to serve. 

I add my favorite Salmonete dried fish as my topping.  Yummy!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mommy D.

I will never deny that I am learning to love Aling Dionesia or famously known Mommy D in our country.  Mommy D is the mother of the famous Filipino Boxer Manny Paquaio.  Every time she will guest in a TV show, there are no dull moments with her. Some may criticize that they are making fun at her, but I guess Mommy D enjoyed it besides she is also known to be outspoken and she can directly say what she feels.

The trending topic that Mommy D cast a Filipino curse to Timothy Bradley during yesterday's fight is totally hilarious.  I mean I can feel how he loves Manny because it was his son fighting in the ring.  If I am in the position I guess I feel the same way and I do not know what will be my emotions.  One thing I am sure of is she is praying for his son's victory and safety.  I remember that she prefers that Manny will retire because I believe that mother will be in pain if their children will be hurt.

Mommy D never misses to give laughter to me and I guess everybody else.  I can feel her sincerity and genuine personality.  I love her.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Handsome Boys

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Baby Raine grows up into a good looking boy like his older brother Tintin. Honestly, I can't get enough to see this picture again and again. His features show how good looking he will be when grew up. I can't wait. (hehehe) They are so cute!  Their mother is so proud to have them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Follicle Scan

I just had my follicle scan yesterday and gladly my OB/Sono told me that I recently ovulated. He asked me if we had contact the other night and I said no. He advised us to do it so we can hopefully have our own and we just nodded. We go outside the room surprised that there are many people waiting for their turn as well. The funny thing is that, my doctor's secretary rushed to catch us outside the room informing that our doctor had another advised and that is to do it everyday for three days starting last night. Our friend giggles when she heard it including the people around us. That was a funny experience, but I understand we really need someone to teach us how knowing our time will not meet always. Hubby is busy and I am starting to know the science of conceiving.

 I am on my early 40s now. Naturally, most women have this problem of getting pregnant. They say that if you are in you're late 30s you have probably have poor quality of eggs that is why getting pregnant is not easy. Since hubby and I want to have a baby, we are advised that I will undergo this kind of tracking. The only thing I thank for is that we are both capable to have a baby because my reproductive system is very okay and hubby can produce sperms.

 Follicle Scan or Follicle Tracking is to help us know the time I ovulated so we can increase my chances of conceiving. It's like a TVS procedure where a probe is inserted in your vagina and it runs only for 15 minutes. It is not painful so it didn't bother me at all. One thing I realized having this procedure is that couples must follow what the doctor will say and it means both are stress free during these times. Obviously, hubby again raised his suggestion that I will do this year, but I asked him that maybe I will consider it this second semester. Normally, couples who are trying to conceive tried taking a rest from work like going in a vacation for one month or two weeks, but hubby offer me another option. Well, let's see.

My Follicle Tracking is between my 10th and 18th day from my first menstruation. I have done this for three months and learned that this month, I ovulated early. The last two months was recorded that I ovulated during my 17th day compared yesterday that I ovulated on my 15th day. These updates taught me a lot of things aside from tracking my cervical fluid to know that I am fertile. Yesterday, I also learned from the other doctor (I guess she is a Sonologist student) when she observed I still have fluids in my bladder and asked me if maybe I didn't pee before my test, but I told her that I did. My OB/Sono said that it is an indication that my ovulation happened just recently and that explains all. Whew! This is how amazing the technology and World of Science are. Well, of course, God is the creator of everything. His creation is beyond we could never imagine.

 Mmmmmm..Going to my doctor is one way of learning new things. I love it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome April!

Never imagined that we will be welcoming the month of April tomorrow.  We just celebrated hubby's birthday last Saturday and never thought that the month of March runs like a bullet.

I hope that hubby and I find time to visit the beach soon.  I miss swimming.

Since hubby will be using his new company car, he suggested trying its capacity to travel long drive.  Mmmmm.. I do not know where it is, but I am sure who will be coming with us to stroll.

Oh, before I forget, tomorrow will be my follicle scan ultrasound again.  I'll be on leave for tomorrow's check-up.  Honestly, I do not need to leave the whole day, but I am just too lazy to work tomorrow.  (LOL)

I hope that I'll finish fast so I can go home and sleep.  Hehehehe

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweat Night

Finally, our Zumba group celebrated its first anniversary last Friday and it was a blast. In spite of some instance that I slowed down because of trying to catch my breath, but I was still able to finish the two hours exercise even if some moves were hard to follow. (LOL)

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I do not know how much sweat I got after it, but it made me feel happy.

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Look at the crowd! I love it.

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It's fun to exercise with friends.  Till next time.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jewelries for Sale

Do you love jewelries? Well, this for you. If you ask me, I just love seeing people wearing it. Owning one will be okay for me especially if it is a diamond. My sister loves collecting stuffs like it because according to her it is also an investment. If you want to check, well, visit this website to find the best jewelry of your choice.

I guess I am not interested now because aside from it is expensive, I am afraid that I will get it lost like what I did before. I admit I am careless or I really do not value more the material things. I just love saving for getaways that will create happy memories before I die. It sounds weird, but that is more important to me. It really shows that we have different preferences in life.