Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I still love my Freedom

Edsa Revolution is celebrated every 25th of February and we are celebrating the 29th anniversary today. Many things happened. Sigh. In a way I am affected of what is happening now. I mean about the Fallen 44. Do not get me wrong. I am relieved that one suspect was killed. He was really a threat anyway. If he is alive, he will spoil our freedom.

There are a lot of speculations roaming around and that made me hesitant to watch the news. Yes, I want the truth. But, base on what I see and hear on the news are most opinions that will not help the investigation. Some are nuisances to the group. Are they using their brains or just emotions? More of that: they asked our president to step down now. Are they serious? In life, most people react to just one side of the story without thinking the words they spoke. Well, I do not wonder why Filipinos are not united about this idea now. Hehehehe

Haaaay...I just hope especially the media will use their medium to tell the whole truth without bias. I hope that one day all victims will receive their justice that they deserve. I know that there is a reason for everything and what happened now is teaching us a lesson to become better. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing a better Philippines. It's everyone's dream.

If you ask me if I am happy living here in the Philippines, well, I'm confident to say, "yes". I do not know why others are claiming they want to live in other country. Maybe they want something like recognition of what the small deed they did for the country even if it is necessary for us to do as citizens and children of God.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Every time we have a schedule trip to our hometown, I'm looking forward to seeing my pink rose flowers in all bloom. Since today is Thursday, of course I was so happy to see these flowers. I already have again flowers to offer in our altar for the week. Isn't it practical? I do not have to spend my own money for our needs.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mmmm Halo-Halo

Well, I guess summer season is coming. To be honest, I can't bare the heat. My skin needs to be protected! In GSC, we are advised to stay-at-home especially if we have nothing too important reasons to go out. Sometimes, the temperature climbs up to 35 degrees Celsius during noontime making me feel uncomfortable.

During these times, aside from staying in an air-conditioned room the whole day and drinking water, I thought of eating Halo-halo. I am not pregnant, but I want to try what others have been sharing how Apareja Halo-halo satisfied their customers. I just want to confirm it. So, I thought of sharing my craving to hubby and he nodded.

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Apareja Halo-halo is along the national highway of Koronadal City. If you got a chance taking this route, you will be surprised why many vehicles park in this area. I noticed it before when we went to Lake Sebu. That time, we were not informed of course.

Apareja Halo-halo costs only P65.00 only. Isn't it cheap? For a Dabawenya like me, I was surprised. It tastes so good and the ingredients are so plenty. You cannot help but, compare other Halo-halo that costs so expensive in the market, but taste comparable to it or less than it. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

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I recommend it!

You will not be sorry. My craving was mended.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to Reality

We’re home!

We had an early check-out today to make sure hubby will catch his meeting here in GSC. Yes, vacation time is over and I’ll be back on attending my usual duties as a housewife.

Actually I miss our three dogs. We leave them at our trusted neighbour while we are away and happy that they are all in condition when we got them this morning. They are were all happy to see us and I guess they want to go home as well. I played with them when we arrive so they can stretch their legs from their long travel.

After, hubby left immediately after he sees that all our baggage were safely placed inside the house and bid goodbye. I decided to sleep for awhile. I’m also tired.

Till our next adventure!

Thank you God for our safe travel.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

3rd Year Anniversary

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Tomorrow will be our 3rd year wedding anniversary. Mmmmm..what will be the best place to celebrate it is to spend it in the beach. Both of us love the waters and Samal island is the best option that fits our budget. For the second time around, we chose Paradise Island Beach Resort. Of course, one of reasons why I fell in love with this is place is that I love their comfort room's cleanliness. The guests have their own privacy even if the beach side is crowded during weekends. Hubby and I chose to swim early in the morning and as the sun sets in the later part of the afternoon. During these times, we are very sure we can spend it on our own. We will be here for two days and I love it.

  IMG_0779 on 365 Project

As usual, we were welcomed by the clear waters of Samal island.

  IMG_0854 on 365 Project

And, the neat king-sized bed adorned with Kalachuchi was telling us that we made the right choice to relax.

  IMG_0699 on 365 Project

If only we have this on our own, it will be paradise for us. Hahahahaha

We will be coming back. I am very sure of that!

Thank you Lord for the wonderful years.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Am I Bored?

Today marks my five months out from office work. Yes, I miss it, but it just runs for a couple of seconds in my brain and forget it again. I don't know. Am I exhausted or acting as a lazy woman? I missed updating my blog as well. All I know is that I am really trying to be a good wife and administrator in the house. Fortunately, I haven't heard hubby complaining about it.

Well, our New Year was spent here in GSC. Hubby decided that it would not be a good decision that I will stay in our Davao residence since the paint odour is still there. We haven't cleaned the entire house as well. The dust would cause my asthma to attack. Yes, unfortunately, I acquired it. I also have my allergies now. Anyway, I was happy that I was able to see fireworks during the New Year's Eve. But, I still miss Davao. It would be great that I will be celebrating it with family and friends. Since I am already a wife, I'll settle with my hubby's decision. I know it is for my own good.

Until now, I have many things in mind. I want to do this and I want to do that. My mind is a mess up because I have many things to consider and one is that it would not hamper our primary goal as a couple. I know God will give the best things I deserve. I will surrender it to him. I will not think too much so hubby will not get mad at me. Besides, he needs me this time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crackers with Tuna and Pesto Sauce

 photo 16ea0890-35b7-4e25-bfb6-ae425a7393aa_zps79f1f1d2.jpg
not my photo

I am home alone most of the time. Whenever hubby has no chance of joining me during lunch, I settle eating crackers in lieu of rice. Fortunately, I still have my Pesto sauce that I prepared last night, I thought of topping it on my crackers this time for a change. It is a perfect partner for my fruit juice.

I choose Clara Ole Cheesy Pesto and followed the recipe written on the back since it is very easy to prepare. In a hot pan, I put olive oil and sautéed garlic. I put the tuna flakes and let it simmer for one minute. I put the Clare Ole Cheesy Pesto and seasoned it with a little salt and ground pepper. Since, I wanted it to be more flavorful, I added Parmesan Cheese.

 photo crackerswithpesto_zpsc098d6a2.jpg 

Easy, right?

Hope you try this as well. This is also good for snacks.