Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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 Only an Aunt can give a hug like a Mother,
 keep secrets like a Sister, 
 and share like a Friend.

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 Thank you, Lord for giving me this chance.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Davao Patriots

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Yes, I am playing Clash of Clans. And, I am so happy that we won this week. Thus, I'll have extra points to upgrade and buy needed defenses for my camp. Unlike the other groups, we battle during weekends only. Most of our members are students so that is why. It is one of our pastime as if we are commanding our own soldiers. Hahahaha!

Well, thank you to my supportive husband who is in-charge of placing the right armaments.

Congratulations to us!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello Davao!


We just got home. We will be sleeping here in Davao tonight and tomorrow we will travel back to GSC.  It was a tiring day for me and I'm sure for hubby as well. I have already met my own family and friends, though, not all.

Anyway, most of my hours were consumed finding a chocolate fountain machine because my brother asked me to find him for his son's birthday. Since I am a good "ate", I looked for it and gladly I found one. I was really worried lately because I can't find a machine for him. The three malls that I visited in the morning didn't have any and I learned how saleable the machine is.

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With my so-called hectic schedule, I also got a chance to be with my friends and former office mates before going home. It was fun and thankful that both of my family and friends are all well.

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Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ready.... March!

Day passes so fast that I fail to know that it is already March. Am I busy? No! Just a little. Of course, my usual wifey duties.

March is the month of Fire Prevention. Unfortunately, before the month started, there are many news reports about destroyed villages due to fire. Moreover, grass fire is eminent in some areas including GSC. Sigh! Every time we go to Davao I can see burned hills everywhere. I hope it isn't "Kaingin". Some say irresponsible humans throw lit cigarettes to dry leaves that made it to happen. One of the common reasons why fire happened is that we forget to unplugged appliances that we are not using. So let's remember not to overload our electrical circuits. So guys please be-fire-safe especially now that it is summer.

March is also a month for all Dabawenyos. It is our feast and of course there will be cool activities for the locals as well as for our visitors. Mmmmmm... I do not know if hubby will consider blocking his schedule so we could home. I am just crossing my fingers to make it happen (I hope).

And lastly, it is my hubby's birthday month. Actually, he already asked me what will be my birthday gift for him. It is for him to know. I have already decided what to buy.

Thank you, Lord for everything.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kris Aquino's Blog


Ever since, I am really an avid fan of Miss Kris Aquino. I remember during Pnoy's campaign, without my friends, I came solo to be one of the people who will meet her at the airport. Unfortunately, one person advised us not to rush over her since she was very tired from her taping. That time, I was sad because it thought she was not nice. But, since I don't judge a person easily especially I have no proof, I patiently waited for her to meet us before her motorcade. But, guess what? She greeted us all. I was wronged. Hehehhe.. She headed right away to the wild truck and started the activity. She was energetic according to the man who was with, him. She loves to talk and talk during the entire motorcade. You cannot really see that she was tired that time. I'm relieved.

Her life is an open book. She is the president's daughter and sister, actress, endorser, famous host in our county and many more. Her past failed relationships were the main reasons why there are negative write ups about her. Some say she was a spoiled brat that is why it was not a surprise she will end up with nothing.

Seeing her today I see a mature woman. I'm sure she learned her lesson and that is more important. If other's feel sorry about her don't count me in. Why? She is rich, has two sons, loving and supportive siblings, great friends, nice work, owned businesses and many others. For me, I do not think her life is miserable because she has no husband. Yes, she will not feel it now, but it is too early to judge what her life would be. She is still young and there are many things to happen in the future. I remember what my husband always tells me that right time to say if she is a failure or not if she lived a full life. We are humans like her. We also have shortcomings. We are just fortunate that our failures are not known around the world, but God do. God alone who is the right one to judge us, right?

Now, Miss Kris inspires us to stand after we fall. Now, she is enjoying the fruits of her labor. Many bash her, but many also love her as well including me. She is one of my inspirations too. And, now that she launches her new blog I will never get bored more aside from watching her daily shows. It is better now that I can follow her how to cook and get the right recipes. Thank you for making it for us! I love it. My husband loves the "Kare-kare" and "Binagoongan". I can't wait to try this at home. If you want to cook something for your loved one, visit her page here.

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Happy eating.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I still love my Freedom

Edsa Revolution is celebrated every 25th of February and we are celebrating the 29th anniversary today. Many things happened. Sigh. In a way I am affected of what is happening now. I mean about the Fallen 44. Do not get me wrong. I am relieved that one suspect was killed. He was really a threat anyway. If he is alive, he will spoil our freedom.

There are a lot of speculations roaming around and that made me hesitant to watch the news. Yes, I want the truth. But, base on what I see and hear on the news are most opinions that will not help the investigation. Some are nuisances to the group. Are they using their brains or just emotions? More of that: they asked our president to step down now. Are they serious? In life, most people react to just one side of the story without thinking the words they spoke. Well, I do not wonder why Filipinos are not united about this idea now. Hehehehe

Haaaay...I just hope especially the media will use their medium to tell the whole truth without bias. I hope that one day all victims will receive their justice that they deserve. I know that there is a reason for everything and what happened now is teaching us a lesson to become better. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing a better Philippines. It's everyone's dream.

If you ask me if I am happy living here in the Philippines, well, I'm confident to say, "yes". I do not know why others are claiming they want to live in other country. Maybe they want something like recognition of what the small deed they did for the country even if it is necessary for us to do as citizens and children of God.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Near Market

It's Sunday and it's our market day today!

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We are very fortunate that we don't have to go crowded markets to buy our weekly food supplies here in GSC. Our subdivision is adjacent to a "Farmer's Market" that sells fresh fruits and vegetables, sumptuous native delicacies, herb plants, dressed organic chicken, live Hito and even good meat cuts that are properly sealed for everyone. Good thing that it is very affordable and the quality is good. It's like I'm buying inside a supermarket because of its cleanliness. Moreover, it is homey because it is nestled inside a house garden.

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Hubby and I decided to eat fresh vegetables tonight. I also made mango and banana shake to keep us alive until GGV before going to sleep.

I hope we will have a great week.

Thank you, Lord.